Welcome to the PAK Orphanage Project

In the summer of 2004, I journeyed to Tana Toraja (Torajaland), as part of my internship in hotel management. I also hoped to do some volunteer work. I was put in touch with a local orphanage and soon I realized that they could use some help with their essential work.
Seeing the difficulties the devoted staff daily faces in caring for so many needy children, I decided to develop a program to bring in volunteers to assist them. The PAK Orphanage Project Rantepao was the result. After 2 years the local project became national and the new name is PAK Orphanage Project Indonesia. The non-profit project has been an official Indonesian NGO foundation since 2008.


I added other orphanages to the PAK Orphanage Project Indonesia. Not only orphanages in Sulawesi, but also on other Indonesian islands. These orphanages really appreciate the help from myself and the volunteers.

All the orphanages cooperate to offer a place to children who are (half) orphan or come from broken homes or the families are too poor to take care of their child(ren). The orphanages offer the children a safe and comfortable place where they have the chance to get education, food and a good childhood. Besides that, the most important thing is that the orphanage employees love the children and take care of them. Children of all backgrounds are welcome in the orphanages, admission is based solely on need.

I and staff the other workers are voluntary, therefore 100% of the monies received are given to the charity and so we need your support. Any help you can provide – time, money, experience and encouragement – we gratefully accept.

Let’s work together to show the orphans of Indonesia that they are not forgotten!

With Kind regards,

Jan O. Staal
PAK Orphanage Project Indonesia Foundation