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We have made a selection of souvenirs for purchase online. With your purchase you’ll support the PAK Orphanage Project Indonesia by helping us provide the children a better future.
The products are handmade and some are unique and exclusively offered by the PAK Project. The products are very suitable to give as a gift to your relatives and friends.
The products are not made by the children, as we are against child labour!

The souvenirs will be packed and shipped to the address you gave us after full payment. The package will arrive after approx two weeks.

Thank you very much for your purchase!

For further information, orders and payment conditions you can This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Kosi Game

Handmade and decorated in several fresh colours with little shells. This game is played by two players.

Product : KG | Kosi Game | Price/Unit : 75,00 EUR

Ludo Game

The board and stones are handmade in traditional Torajaland style. This game is unique and exclusively offered by the Pak Project. The game is made for four players.

Product : LG | Ludo Game | Price/Unit : 75,00 EUR

Tau Tau East Indonesia

These Tau Tau dolls are made in East Indonesian style. It is a set of four pieces from large to small.

Product : TTEI | Tau Tau East Indonesia | Price/Unit : 65,00 EUR

Tau Tau Torajaland

The two dolls (Grandpa and Grandma) are miniatures of the original dolls of death. They are made by hand and dressed in typical Toraja clothes.

Product : TTT | Tau Tau Torajaland | Price/Unit : 55,00 EUR

Mozaik Lamp

These lamps are handmade. They are very decorative and delivered with Western plug and light switch.

Product : ML | Mozaik Lamp | Price/Unit : 65,00 EUR

Torajaland & Java Key Fobs

Handmade key fobs made of wood and little beads. Delivered in a set of 15 pieces. Great to give as a present!

Product : TKF | Torajaland Key Fobs | Price/Unit : 25,00 EUR

Coffee Box

Coffee Box. Delivered in a set of 3 boxes.

Product : CB | Coffee Box | Price/Unit : 25,00 EUR


Order more then € 75,- euro and get a set of 15 Torajaland Key fobs for free!