Project Java-Jakarta
Java is one of the most famous islands of Indonesia. It is the economic and politic island of Indonesia. Besides that, Java has green natural environmente and one of the 7 wonders of the world, the famous “Borobudur” in Central Java. This is the biggest Buddhist temple in the world. The island is located between Sumatra, Kalimantan (Borneo), Bali and the Indian Ocean and the Java Sea.
The capital city Jakarta is located on West Java. Jakarta was formerly known as “Batavia”, a name given to it by the Dutch. The city has 9.3 million registered inhabitants. It’s a modern but very busy city where poor and rich live side by side. The traffic is chaotic and looks seems like it is always at a stand still. You can find everything you need here; shopping malls, cinemas, bars/clubs, internet cafes, banks, hospital, embassies etc.

Pak Dorkas - Jakarta is located downtown in Jakarta’s business district “Menteng”. It’s near the famous backpacker’s street the Jl. Jaksa. Here you can meet all kinds of backpackers, low budget travellers and students.
It takes about 60 minutes to drive by taxi from the airport to the project. The orphanage is built in a quiet street in Ciracas, about 45 minutes away from the National Monument (Monas). The nearest shopping mall is about a 10 minutes walk.

Travelling around
Java is rich in culture and nature. The island has magnificent volcanos (e.g. Bromo & Krakatau), mountains, rice fields, coffee and tea plantations and some nice beaches. You can travel around by train on Java from east to west; it’s the only island where this is possible. Recommended day trips in Jakarta are; National Monument, Old Batavia, the Catholic Cathedral, the Istiqlal Mosque, the zoo, Museum of History, Gledok, Taman mini Indonesia Indah and Taman Impian Jaya Ancol. These attractions are great for a day tour in Jakarta, but you can also book a tour via Toraja Highland tours & travel, they also offer Java tours (click on their logo on the sponsor page for more information).

Detailed Project summary
The primary goal of the project is to get the children acquainted with people from other countries and cultures. We believe that this cross cultural experience will enrich their future prospect. We also use the project contribution to buy better food for the children, as well as new clothes (uniforms), school materials, furniture etc. Notably, the project contribution now enables us to occasionally take the children on a short fieldtrip, which they greatly enjoy. We do our best to make the volunteers as well as the children feel comfortable at the Pak Dorkas - Jakarta. We will also do our best to help our volunteers experience the natural and fascinating local culture of Jakarta (Java), as well as provide opportunities for social interaction and gain experience in social life abroad.

The team
There are a total of 4 supervisors, 2 cooks, 1 secretary, 2 security staff and 3 housekeepers at this orphanage. The management is not permanent at the orphanage. This orphanage offers a place to about 53 children, 46 of this children are living permanently at the orphanage. The other children only come to the orphanage to eat or for support. Some of them are (half) orphans, some come from broken homes and some of the parents are too poor to take care of their children. The children are between 5 and 18 years of age.

Project Life Jakarta
Volunteers work 5 days a week. They will help the children to get dressed and ready for breakfast and dinner. They will help the children with their schoolwork, especially in learning English. They will also organize sport, games and other leisure time activities. They also can accompany the children to their schools and see how the Indonesian teachers teach the children, so you can see the differennce between your country and Indonesia. The children love to sing, so you can teach them English western style songs too.
Please note that this project just has started and we don’t have very many school material, such as pencils, chalks, erasers, crayons, notebooks, paint etc. If volunteers are able to, we recommend bringing some of them to use with the children during your stay.

Health and Safety Procedures
The nearest hospital is about 7 km from the Pak Jakarta. We have a good relationship with the medical service for the children’s medical needs, and we contact the hospital as necessary for emergencies. The supervisors at the orphanage know how to perform First Aid. The orphanage is secured 24/7 and so we offer our volunteers a safe place at our project.

All the project volunteers stay at the orphanage during their participation. They can travel around by public transportation but they also can use the service of Emerald Indonesia tours & travel. This eco tourism tour operator / travel agent offers ecotourism and tours througout all parts of Indonesia. Our volunteers recieve discount for services from this travel agent. It’s also possible that an employee of the orphanage will take you around for a day excursion in Jakarta.