Volunteers South Sulawesi

Field conditions
The Volunteer will stay in a private double bedroom with private bathroom. There is no hot water, but it's refreshing because the climate of Rantepao is pleasant.
Your stay during the project will be on a -“full board basis”-. This includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. The food is usually rice or noodles with vegetables and meat/fish, but we will try to offer the volunteer a western style breakfast with fresh bread. Vegetarians can order a vegetarian meal. We try to make pancakes or pasta ones a week. The volunteers can help our cook with the cooking.
There is a toaster and a kettle for the volunteers to prepare their own snacks. The volunteer can either do their own laundry at the project or take advantage of the Toraja Prince Hotel or Toraja Heritage Hotel laundry service. You will get your laundry returned fresh and clean, but this service is not free of charge.

Skills required
No specific skills or previous experience working with children is required in order to take part in this project. However, you do need to be flexible, independent, sociable, patient and enthusiastic about working with children. You need to be at least 17 years old, it's possible for us to take volunteer at the age of 16, but we would need a signed confirmation from the parents.
The local people will treat you respectfully, but as you are guest in their country, you will be expected to show equal respect for their customs and way of life. You will be living in a peaceful orphanage, between mountains and the valleys of Tana Toraja.

Training and qualification
Every volunteer will get a participation certificate after they finish the project. Should the volunteer wish to later pursue a student internship at the Pak Project, this certificate can be added onto their participation certificate. In fact, students are especially welcome, and we will support you during your training with advice and help with study assignments. International volunteer work or internship is great for your CV.

Minimum length of a volunteer internship is one week, maximum length is two months. If you want to stay longer then two months you need a special visa and we cannot guarantee you that you get one. Another option is that you can leave the country for a day get a new visa on your return. After this you can participate again for maximum 2 months. We advise you to stay for at least 2 weeks and max. 2 months. 

Volunteers are very welcome to the Pak Project throughout the whole year, 7 days a week. We're flexible with dates of arrival. It’s very nice to stay here during Easter and celebrate Palm Sunday in a traditional way with the children. We will try to buy all the children a nice Easter present.

Financial costs
The project fee is a maximum of € 795,- per month (4 weeks). This includes accommodation on full board base, return transfer from the airport to the project, a certificate of participation, fee to the Pak Project and a tour of Torajaland. At the time of booking you have to pay 50% of the total fee, the rest of the contribution must be paid at least 4 weeks before arrival. 

The volunteer should book an air ticket to Hasanuddin Airport in Makassar, the airport code is UPG. If you travel via another airport, we can arrange cheap air tickets via our sponsor travel agent. You will be picked up at the airport by one of our orphanage employees and then travel by (mini) bus or public taxi to the orphanage. The distance is not very far, but it will still take about 8 hours, because there are a lots of high mountains and deep valleys. If you wish you could also to spend a night at Makassar and travel the next day to Tana Toraja. We can book a hotel or guesthouse for you via PT. Emerald Indonesia tours & travel.

Personal expenses while on the project
Volunteers will only need money for private purchases such as postcards, internet or phone cards, souvenirs, shopping and so on. Each volunteer has different expenses but € 150,- to € 200,- per month is average. € 200,- per month should probably be more than sufficient unless the volunteer plans to travel around Sulawesi (or Indonesia) in their leisure time, in which case they should increase this amount accordingly.
It’s also possible to combine different project locations during one trip to Indonesia. You can get a discount on the service of PT. Emerald Indonesia tours & travel; this travel agency supports the Pak Project. At the front side of their building you will find the traditional ecotourism souvenirs shop, you will be supporting  the project with every product you buy at the shop.

Money information
There are several banks based in Torajaland, in Makale and Rantepao amongst others. The banks in Rantepao have all an ATM, where you can get cash with your bankcard. NB Your bankcard needs a Maestro logo if you want cash from the ATM.
BRI (Bank Rakyat Indonesia), Jl. Ahmad. Yani 96 in Rantepao
Bank Danamon, Jl. Diponegoro in Rantepao
BNI (Bank Negara Indonesia), Jl. Diponegoro in Rantepao
The banknotes available are from IDR 50.000 and IDR 100.000. 1,- euro is approx IDR 14.000 till IDR 15.000. 1,- USD is approx IDR 8.000 till IDR 10.500.
You can bring travellers cheques as well as your bankcard, for example American Express or Thomas Cook, these travellers cheques have insurance - cover against loss. You also can bring some cash Euro’-s, English pounds or US dollars, which you can change into Indonesian Rupiah. 

Medical information
We always advise our volunteers to be vaccinated for Hepatitis A (or A &B) and a DPT. Some prefer to include a typhus vaccination as well. There is no Bilharziasis/Schistosomiasis in South Sulawesi, so you can swim safely. Malaria is not a threat, so you don't need tablets for you stay in Tana Toraja, but it’s advisable to bring anti mosquito spray and a mosquito net with you to the project. We also advise you to consult your doctor/medical service for current information prior to your arrival. You should also bring a small First Aid box with you, including some painkillers, iodine, plasters and disinfectant.