Travel Report Anita Habraken and Sanne van Oers 2006
"We did some volunteer work in the summer of 2006. Both of us are working in education and it was a challenge for us to help the orphans in Indonesia during our summer holiday.

We got a warm welcome from the children and staff when we arrived at the orphanage. Soon we felt comfortable, despite the difference in our cultures.

The food in the orphanage was prepared under primitive circumstances, that we had to get use to. We both are a little spoiled in our country, that’s what we realized at that moment.

We taught several lessons in the orphanage, lessons like: English, characterize, handcraft, sport & leisure and gave support during homework. It was important to us that the children learned from us in a nice, social and casual way.
Besides teaching English we tied up a basketballnet, volleyballnet and a swing. We created a nice playroom for the children from an empty and neglected space.

It was such a great experience to us and we would return immediately to this amazing please if we had the possibility!

Anita Habraken & Sanne van Oers"