Travel report Marli van Doorn (2009)
I did an internship in the orphanage in Bua village on South Sulawesi during April and May 2009.
I stayed with 3 other volunteers at the orphanage; I had a great time with the children and the other volunteers.

In Sulawesi I discovered that children are children, I call them Angels and little pickle/naughty boys.

The four main activities I did are:
  • Swimming, the children liked that very much and they appreciate it if you join them in the pool!
  • We went to the sea; it was the first time for several children. We couldn’t stop them commenting “Yuk it is salty”, it was nice!
  • Painting on the outer wall.
  • System board, which we used for planning what we were going to do with the children. This helped make a structure for the children.
We also bought Sunday clothes for the children; they were so sweet at that moment! We also did a lot of nice games and DIY during the time in the orphanage. Of course we must not forget the dances we had with the children.

The food was excellent prepared by Mama Rano and Manaek. We tried special Indonesian dishes. It was nice and delicious. We also visit funeral ceremonies and wedding parties, which was grand!

Afterwards I felt it was a pity that I didn’t understand the children very much. I tried to amuse and support them, but the language barrier personally was hard for me. Í didn’t know if somebody was being bullied or not, it was for me hard to understand.

I started to miss the children pretty much after one month I arrived at home. I take alook at the photos I took and search for the songs I used to dance on with the children. I remember simple things again, things which were so normal at the time when I was there. I am sure that I will return some day!

Marli van Doorn